Chhau Dance

A man wearing a Chhau mask of Purulia, West Bengal
Chhau is a dance form performed by specially trained dancers originating from mainly three states of India, which are West Bengal, Odisha & Jharkand. In Chhau dance martial arts & traditional dance steps are fused together in perfect harmony. The dance when performed is accompanied by lots of tribal musical instruments, the music and the dance creates a thrilling event for its audience. The Chhau dance of West Bengal, Purulia is much more vibrant and uses colourful mask knows as Chhau mask. These masks are GI tagged assuring its artisans of their intellectual rights. The dance usually narrates a story from the hindu epics of Ramayana or Mahabharata. The mask used in these dance form is  now available for everyone to be used as home decor.