At our handicraft export and retail company, we are passionate about showcasing unique art forms of India to the world. Our mission is to support local artisans and their communities by providing a platform to share their beautiful creations with the global audience. Our target is not only to promote Indian handicrafts abroad, but also to bring them to the forefront of the domestic market. We work tirelessly to ensure that our artisans receive fair compensation for their work and that their creations are appreciated for the true work of art that they are. As we are a nascent organisation it is difficult for us to sustain ourselves in this competitive market with only handicraft products hence we also have agro products available with us ready to be exported for our B2B customers.


Our company founders Srideep and Bimalendu went on a vacation during winter, 2022 to the quaint town of Shantiniketan, WB, India. An annual handicraft fair was being held in the town at that time. There, they witnessed thousands of artisans who had arrived from all over India to showcase and sell their creations at the fairgrounds. Most of them didn't have enough money to procure proper accommodation for the night or even for a proper meal. Visualisation of these events led to the birth of our company, as both of our founders felt very disheartened to see such immensely talented artisans being subjected to such harsh conditions. That too, for earning such meagre amounts of money in return for their unparalleled skills and craftsmanship.


To achieve our mission we take a collaborative and respectful approach in working with our artisans. We value their expertise and knowledge and work closely with them to ensure that their creations are of the highest quality. We are a stern believer of fair trade and ethical business operations. We also strive to be environmentally conscious in our practices, using sustainable materials and minimising waste wherever possible.


The ethos of our endeavour centres around celebrating the diversity of Indian art and recognising the incredible skill and talent that goes into each piece. We believe that by sharing these works with the world we can help to promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of India. Behind each product is a unique story. From the artisans who create them, to the communities and traditions that inspire them, we are proud to share these stories with our customers.

Ultimately our goal is to create a bridge between Indian artisans and the global audience. We believe that by promoting and showcasing their work, we can help to create a more just and equitable world, where the talents and contributions of all cultures are celebrated and valued. We also hope that the global audience fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the beauty and complexity of Indian art.

Photo of CEO of Ekkokraft Mr.Srideep Bhattacharya

Srideep Bhattacharya


Bimalendu Panda